South Beach Buns Abs and Thighs

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I teach an AbSolutions class which is about 20 minutes every Friday morning, my clients always thank me for this absolutely divine ab workout. Just tell them that their abs will thank them later. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want more routines. NUMBER TWO IS ON ITS WAY!

No. 1

I love my abs class.

*****TEASER: Lying on the floor with feet flat on the floor (starting posittion). Lift your upper body up to sit then pulse for 5 counts and twist to the bent knee and pulse for 5 or however many counts you want.

TOE TOUCH: On your back with feet raised straight up, ATTEMPT to touch your toes

****TRIPLE BACK: This is just a harder version of three combinations. Arms straight forward (1), arms straight out at the side forming a T (2) and arms by your sides (3) so you do this as counts 1 2 3 and come down for 4. And repeat.

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