July Combo (Beg/Int)

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#1 32 S/R

#2 64 S/R

#3 64 S/R

#4 32 S/R

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Step safely

* Knees off the back: It's like knee straddle with a side dismount. But instead of staddling down on counts 3,4 you step back off the end of your step. Step (1), knee (2), step off the back (3,4) step (5), knee (6) step to the side dismount (7,8)

** Matadors: I start these with the basic corner taps and advance to the what I call the matadors (aptly named by one of my students) They have a spanish feel to them. You hop up into the corner and do a small, quick triple step, sort of like a pony. complete with hands clapping over your head. Some even like to yell "Ole" when we do these

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