Fat Burning Dance

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13568)

1. Steve McQueen - Warm up

Repeat leading left to back wall

2. Knock on Wood

Repeat leading left and walk forward instead of back on the walk 4

3. Guardian Angel

Repeat left lead and add options: after the 1st grapevine, take the next 4 grapevines into a full box around the room, then on the hamstrings, touch your opposite instep on the first two and you back heels on the second two.

4. Close to You

Repeat again on right lead and add options: on the triple step march two, you want to turn 360 on the march 2's

5. Stand By Me

Repeat leading right again and options: move diagonally forward on the 2 scoops and the next time, move back diagonally

6. Ooh Aah Just a little bit

Repeat combo leading left

7. My first My last, My everything

Repeat leading left with these options: on step touches arms go big circle left, then right and then arms straight out to the side

8. Take Me to the Top

Repeat leading left with options: in the middle, hold the fast feet for a long session...you will hear it in the music...

9. Don't You Leave Me This Way

Repeat leading left

10. One Day in your life: Funky Cool Down

Repeat on right again with options: change heel heel to heel toe potabourre', add arms up and down to cross tap

11. Thy Word: Stretch

(start stretching in song #10 as you will not have time to do all of this stretching song!)

Obviously, this choreography goes great with the song listed above each combo BUT you can of course adapt the choreography to any HI LO music..hope you like it I have tons more...

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