Does anyone BOSU??? If so, please share!!!

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While I've been teaching cardio kickboxing for several years, one of my FAVORITE classes to teach is BOSU (for those of you who aren't familiar, it's blue/purple half-ball with a platform on the underside...) and I haven't seen any postings quite yet. So I thought I'd start with a few of my favorite cardio athletic drills (all exercise performed "dome-side-up"):

Side-squat lunges
Step off to the side & squat it down - can take to multiples
Then squat 4x & propel over to other side - 2x - 1x
Can vary to 1x side squat lunge, 1x squat on top of the dome (with rotation)

Side-tap lunges
Vary into "air taps" where foot doesn't touch ground
Can turn clockwise and counter-clockwise around dome

Back-tap lunges
Alternate legs with single lunges
Can hold on one leg for multiple reps

Leg forward lunges
From floor to dome - alternating legs
Vary to forward lunge with trunk rotation toward lunging leg

Kick drills
Standing on top of dome, start with taps front, side and back - then turn into kicks
Vary to combos on the floor - start with step, knee-up from side

Walking or jogging - then travel halfway around dome

Start from top - to back or side of dome - step down, down, leap
Hold and balance at top of each leap

3-level squat (low, lower, lowest), then jump-stick
Hold squat and alternate compressions ("football feet") - slow to fast

Jump drills
Start with 8 tiny jumps - then 45, 90 & 180 degree jump turns
Then take to "ski jumps"
-Cross-country ski on top of dome - use arms
-Vary to "mogul jumps" - hips go side to side with opposite trunk rotation

Over the dome
Step-up, jump-stick, step down to other side

Straddle knee lifts
With or without propulsion
Vary knee lift to side lift, front kick and jump-stick

Alternating knee lifts
With or without propulsion
Vary to repeater knee lifts

Standing abduction
Single-leg balance on top of dome - lift into abduction
Then take leg side-front-side

Lateral hip lift
Bent or straight legs
Progress to lateral hip lift with abduction at top of movement

Please let me know if you'd like any further clarification or other exercises (eg warm-up/cool-down or strength conditioning).


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