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Garage sale: (think of it as sprint for the best bargains)

Split large group into four smaller groups, preferably with an even number in each small group, and assign them a corner of the room each person gets a set of weights (up to 10 pounds) and puts them in the center of the room in a big pile.

Members return to their assigned corners of the room when you say go everyone (safely) runs to the center of the room and grabs one weight and sprints back to their "home" corner and puts it down...then returns to the center of the room and grabs another weight until there are none in the center. Once all the weights are gone from the center of the room the fun it is a free for all...go and "steal" from the other groups (one weight at a time) and bring them back your "home" corner...set the weight down and then go to the next corner and steal another weight after the prescribed time (begin with two minutes..remember everyone is sprinting) yell stop and everyone must stop where they are the group with the most weights in their corner is the winner.

*** To keep things fair be sure that each person hits each corner of the room before they go to the same corner again...this way the closet corner will not always get their weights "stolen"

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