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Towel tag:

Have everyone hang a towel from in the waistband of their shorts where it is accessable (think flag football)

Pick about 1/4 of the people to be "it" and put them in the center of the room without towels in their waistbands

When you say go, "tag" begins

Those who are it chase the others and grab their towels and once your towel is taken, you also become it (so the number of "its" continues to increase until there is only one person left with a towel and they are the winner)

***I have the members hop on one foot, or bunny hop, or heel walk to do the game (not a regular run)

***The winner gets to pick the exercise to lead the group in (ie. 20 push ups, 20 jump squats, a couple laps)

***Next time have different people be "it" until everyone has a chance to start as "it"

Added by Kristin Calpino at 9:18 AM on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
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