They'll come back next week and tell you how sore they were

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 13588)

Biceps: 7-7-7
Using a band, have them lace it under a step (more resistance) and begin regular curls buy coming up halfway and down for 7, from the top halfway down for 7 and full range for 7...yes this hurts :)

Triceps: Dips
Make sure they have extra risers on their step for this one. Then breakdown the levels, intermediate stack legs and advanced both legs on the ball...this is awesome!

Shoulders: Ball Press
Take your ball and really press your hands into it (this is important) then just push the ball away from you for 4 and then up over your head for 4 work, then 2 and 2, then alternate....they will be amazed by this one!

Chest: Fly and Press
Lay on your ball, hips must be off and pushed up. Take your weights and do a set of chest press and then right away a set of flys. Do this for a set of 8 then for a set of 4. Then on the last fly, have them hold it, contracted for a count of 8!

Back: Reverse Fly
Lay with your tummy on the ball. Grab a lighter pair of weight and with arms straight, elbows not locked though, raise arms like a frontal raise up to ears.

Glutes: Squats, your favorite way :)

Quads: Lunges
For a change, if you have a body bar, have them balance it across their shoulders and lunge down, then on the way up have them contract abs and bring their back leg up in a knee raise. Advance it? Change it to a kick!

Hams: Bent Knee Deadlifts
Have them focus on a slight bend in their knee and pushing down through their heels...this will help so they aren't using their low back so much. Then perform the deadlift motion holding weights or a bar.

Calves: Raises
Do calve raises on one leg, one set. Immediately have them hop on that leg 25 times, then hold it and look side to side. This is great to help balance.

ABD's/ADD's: Band Sidesteps
Stand inside your band and pull the band to your shoulders. Then just do a "sidestep." Change up like 4 to both sides the 2's such a great exercise!

I hope you all try some of this stuff! I still get sore from it! Have a great class!

Email me with questions and comments! :)

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