Yoga for the pool--Tree pose

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 13593)

I have done this with my aqua class of seniors and college students and both groups found it interesting and challenging.

Ask half the class to stand in the center of a circle.

Center group/Tree Group:
Instruct them to raise both hands overhead (about shoulder width apart) and take one foot off the floor of the pool-- resting it above or below their knee, but not on it. (Tree pose).

Now when they feel comfortable ask them to shift their gaze (eyes) to the far corner of the room--this will cause them to wobble. When they master this have those who are comfortable close their eyes.

Outside circle:
Using your arms in sweeping and pushing motions, create waves that challenge the balance of the Tree group. This isolation exercise is actually more strenuous then you would think--but the class is so distracted by the fun of knocking trees over that they rarely notice.

This is a great balance exercise--seniors really benefit from this. Plus you use lots of muscle groups (obliques/abs, back, legs, etc) when you make all those small adjustments to stay in your tree.

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From: Dunkirk, New York (USA)
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