Stability Ball - Fun & Games # 2

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Here are a few more stability ball ideas to try in your classes or personal training. I found several of the ideas from a book by Dianne Daniels titled "Exercises For Osteoporosis". I tried them in my ball class last night and the ladies enjoyed doing them and the challenge. These would be good for seniors that shouldn't be doing crunches because of osteporosis.

First you need to partner up and have one ball to sit on.

1. One person will stand behind the seated person. The person on the ball should have their arms hanging down by their sides. The person that is behind the ball should place their hands on the seated person's upper back and push. Seated person should resist as they are being pushed forward.

2. Have the standing person move to the side of person seated on ball. Arms are in same position as #1. This time the standing person will push with one hand against the upper chest. Resist as you are pushed backward.

3. Same position as #2. This time the standing person will push against the upper arm of person seated on ball trying to move them sideways. Switch sides.

For all of these exercises: person on ball should avoid using their arms and focus on the muscles of their torso. Your partner should increase & decrease the pressure slowly.

4. Using a dowel rod: the seated person holds the dowel rod in their hands out at arm's length. The standing person will be in front of seated person and push the rod toward the seated person.

5. Same thing only standing person will pull the dowel rod away from seated person.

For these two exercises: you should have matching resistance, be sure to keep your elbows straight. You could try this with the dowel rod held on a diagonal.

These last two exercises could be done seated on a chair or even standing. All of these exercises are good for strength and stabilization.

6. If you have medicine balls try tossing the ball to each other seated on the balls in a circle. Works well in small groups of 3-4 persons.

7. If you have any Pilates Rings, try using them with your resistance routines. I have used them for upper body and inner thighs. Adds a new element to your ball workout.

I hope someone can use these ideas to make your ball classes more fun and interesting. Keep those ball ideas coming!

Hi to Petrina, Doris and Tina.

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