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I started my classes off with these about a year ago. They have all gotten so good at it that I had to make it a bit harder. They moan and groan about it, but they like it just the same.

Ask everyone to get to one side of the pool or the other. They can hold on to the wall either face up or face down. The idea is to kick your feet as fast and as hard as you can without bending your knees for one minute. After asking for a thumbs up from everyone to make sure they are all OK, ask them to take a deep breath in bringing their arms overhead through their nose and exhale through their mouth letting their arms dowm to their side.

Do this three times with only a very short break (no more than thirty seconds) in between intervals. Tell them that they can turn over or remain in the same position, whatever is comfortable. Pump them up and let them know how awesome they are doing. It is hard to do.

Tell them if they kick under the water, the exercise is more intense because of the weight of the water. Either way, they are getting a great cardio workout. I tell them to keep marching using their arms and legs during the breaks so their heart rates will not go down too much at one time. Keep them moving.

To make it harder...time them for 45 seconds and call for double time in the last 15 seconds of each set. It took my classes about six months to get to this level.

Hope you guys can understand is my first posting. I love this site!

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