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Hey all, this one really works the legs just from the building and is a lot of fun. It is 2 64 count combos for a 128 count right and left lead completion

Repeat left lead

To build Boomerang

across the tops

Change across the tops to lunge two across the top (from side, up/up lunge right back, lunge left back, finish the across - 8 counts).

Once comfortable, change the lunge two across to a widened lunge two across. At this point your are lunging from the long end to the long end finishing the across on counts 7 and 8

....change to a single lunge boomerange once comfortable.

Good luck!!!!

* Boomerang = from the left side (short) of a horizontal bench (right lead)
count 1 = right leg leaps to middle of bench
count 2 = left leg follows right to middle of bench
count 3 = right leg 1 lunge off of other end of bench
count 4 = right leg back to middle of bench
count 5 = left leg back onto floor on starting side of bench
count 6 - right leg back onto floor next to left leg

** Double boomerang same as single only count 3 becomes a double lunge on the opposite end of the bench instead of a single

*** Borrowed from this turnstep (thanks!!) - right lead
count 1 = right foot onto bench
count 2 = left foot finishes V-step onto floor on side of bench
count 3 = left foot back to starting position
count 4 = right foot back to starting position on floor next to left

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From: Canton, Michigan (USA)
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