Carole's Very Vertical Advanced Step Routine

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Here is a vertical step routine for you. It consists of 3 ADVANCED, 32 count, self-reversing combinations.. They all work together, so after you teach them all with right and left leads, you will then be able to weave them together...

When describing these combos below, I will right them all for right leads...when doing them on your left lead, of course all lead legs and directions for the moves reverse.

Email me for more explanations if needed.

Very Vertical #1

Here is the first 8 counts broken down into separate counts...

#1 Quick over (from the right side of your step, step up up left and right double time (fast...1 count for both Steps), then step down on left side leaving right knee up (1 count).

Very Vertical #2

#2 Crossover mambo/chachacha to end (the right foot will cross over the left foot and mambo, then you chachacha right left right, moving to the back end of step...ending up facing right or east)

#3 2 SQuat popovers (on the right side of step, squat down up down on counts 1,2,3...hop up with right foot onto step on count 4...squat down up down on left side on counts 5,6,7...hop up with left foot on count 8)

Very Vertical #3

# 4 Curb walk (stomp on/over/on/rock back front)

#5 Charleston scissor (step up with right and kick left (1,2), step down with left and lunge right leg back (3,4), scissor legs front/back 4x (5,6,7,8))

#6 Walkaway twist with two more chachachas around to other side (walk 4 over and off step in a diagonal, do a mambo chachacha back to home, then keep chachacha'ing, turning as you do so, moving to the other side of your step. you will end up facing front.

#7 2 Repeater scissors:(do a regular repeater, but on the third knee, swing it behind your other leg and step down down on other side...then, repeat)

Again... email me with any questions!


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From: Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA)
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