Multi Step In a Line

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x   x   x   x    x    x    x    x    x   x

The x's stand for vertical steps in a line. Place as many as you have room for, leaving room to run, hop, skip, whatever back to the beginning of the line so you can start again. I put at least 10 steps so you can get through at least 2 combos and you won't be running back at the same part of the combo each time. I space them about three shoes apart. (I wear an 8) I do lines of different heights to include all levels.

I teach one move at a time and do it all the way down the line then add on as I go. If the move flips around and makes one dizzy, I ping-pong knee or repeater ping pong back and forth between two steps while learning. Then when you put the combo together I tried to spread out the flip, spin moves with mellower ones. This is three or four classes worth of moves. Each combo could be a whole 35-40 minute aerobic time. The time goes faster when they are thinking and trying to remember what comes next. It's assumed that you know each move takes six beats (or fourteen) and you have two counts to get to the next step. Yes, some moves have taps. Email me if something is not clear.

Have fun, be safe and DON'T BE HALF-STEPPIN'

Combo 1

Repeat other foot

Combo 2 Lungetime (Not Lunchtime)

Repeat other foot

Combo 3

**If right foot hits the step first then lunge first with the right foot. Then you'll exit on the other side of the step, ready for the next step.

***Right foot up and right foot lunges first. Revolve means come down turn around and right foot hits the same bench first for the L-step.

****Substitute knee for side-leg, kick, hamstring curl, or in-step lift as desired (that's what stretches each combo to last the whole class.

*****First foot to hit the bench is the first foot to lunge after the basic straddle.

A chorus is a short move stuck anywhere you think they need a pick-me-up. We'll need to sprint back to the beginning of the line because we go through the steps quickly.

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