Tapless Stepping in Sarasota

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13646)

My first give back. This entire routine was created from bits and pieces of many submissions to this site. Thank you to all who contribute, for making it easy to be creative and keep them coming back for more. A big thank you to Alice M (one of the all time best of the best) for teaching me how teach :0)

All combos are self-reversing and tapless. Begin on the right lead.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Add on to combo 2:

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

**Tap around the Corner: (I usually introduce this in the warm-up by simply tapping the front of the bench asking them to hold and watch me/when I get to the combo I break it down by using corner knees/ then remind them before we go for it) Right toe tap bench/straddle/tap the floor/left toe tap bench/(you are already in the straddle position) tap the floor/right toe tap bench/come out of straddle/tap the floor/turn to opposite corner and repeat.

** Diagonal orbit: also known as "spiral over"/"freeway"/etc./right lead diagonal over the bench then turn into the bench and go back with the same lead you started.

** Mambo L-step: (nothing more than a tapless L-step/I start with a regular L-step/then ask them to continue with the L but to watch me/have them try it a few times until they get it) right lead mambos to left end of bench/same lead mambos on the floor behind you/step same lead back to the bench and swing the opposite leg behind you.

** Side leg over the top and back: break this down by stepping alternate side legs out in the center of the bench first/then preview the option (I call my options "wannas not havftas") by stepping the side leg over the bench and back over with the opposite lead.

** Kick walk: step kick to the bench walk back for 2-counts/step kick/walk back to the bench for 2 counts.

** Weave over the top and back: (tapless over the top) step right foot on the bench/swing the left leg behind you and over/step left foot to the bench swing right foot behind you and over.

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From: Sarasota, Florida (USA)
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