Navy Seals Drills - long one!

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This is my first post! Let's try this out...

I teach a boot camp, and I was in need of some military style training drills, so I went to my local Chapters/Indigo and looked at the Navy Seals and Firefighter training books. Here are some good ones I found:


"cutting edge"
Lie on your back with your hands (palms down) under each butt cheek. Engage abs, lift uppper body. The exercise is to bring the legs together and lift off the ground. Keep them up as you move the feet apart, and together, apart, together.

"leg raise"
Same as above, except you keep the legs together the whole time. Just move the legs up and down, without touching the ground.

"flutter kick"
Same as above, except you move your legs in a scissor fashion. Alternate the legs up and down. Of course, without touching the ground.

"knee bend"
This one isn't new or special. Sit up, place hands slightly or a lot behind hips on the ground like you're supporting yourself. Bend knees into chest, push them out along horizon, in to chest, push out...

Upper body:

"dive bomber"
Assume push up position. Spread feet shoulder width apart, butt high in the sky (kinda like downward facing dog). Bring feet 12 - 18 inches toward hands, about shoulder width apart. Push the head towards the ground - pretend that you're trying to put your head through a hole in the bottom of a fence. FLUID MOTION!!! Sort of like upward facing dog, to downward facing dog.

"arm haulers"
Lie on the belly. Arms come above the head/forward, pretty close together. Legs together. Like a breastroke... Sweep the arms all the way back to the thighs and all the way forward again. Inhale arms back to legs, exhale come around forward, release body to floor or I suppose you can keep the legs and arms off the ground the whole time if you'd like?

"tricep pushups"
The only difference I saw was that they placed their hands together and made a triangle shape out of their hands. Place your index fingers and thumbs together flat on the floor. They'll make a triangle shape. Hands in line with chest.

"eight count body builder"

That's it!

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