Navy Seals Drills - Using what we've got

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This time, I'm going to tell you how I took they're field drills and modified them for the studio.

The studio I teach in is set up like so:


One of their drills is to run along a balance beam type thing, or a log of some sort, so I took step benches and placed them side by side vertically to make a long "beam." We have two doors into the studio, one to the front desk, and the other comes from the track. The door from the track is where I placed the benches. When they come back from doing their laps, they have to run along these benches. Or you can straddle run them like the football tires drill. The Navy guys do this too :-)

Next, the drill where they crawl under barbed wire. I took mats and placed them together in front of the stage. I placed step benches with maybe 4/5/6 risers under them on the other side of the mats. I hope I am explaining this one well! So far, we have stage, mats then steps. I took some wool/yarn and taped it from the bench to the stage to create a "barbed wire" effecount They crawl underneath this. If you don't have a stage, make two walls of risers&steps.

There is another drill called "HOOYAH LOGS." Basically, make a moutain out of steps. Place 5 or 7 steps together horizontally, step #1 has one riser, step #2 has 2 risers, step #3 has 3 risers, step #4 has 2 risers, step #5 has one riser. So you've made a pyramid. Have them run over it with hands on head, body bar overhead or medicine ball, whatever...


Other ones off the top of my head... Have them partner up or make a circle... take a medicine ball and pass it side to side (both directions), over head, through legs etc... maybe throw to each other?

I had them run a couple of laps holding a medicine ball.

I also had them pair up and run holding a body bar overhead between the two of them. Both people face the same way and hold each end of the bar overhead.

That's it again!


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