B's Boxing with Med Ball

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13654)

This is my first submission and I hope you like it. I have tried to make a variation on shadow boxing moves.

I like my class to work in pairs, so try to pair them up with the more experienced with the new so they can share their knowledge.

You will need some med balls for half the class.

Set A:

Stand them in a line with the partner 'A' holding med ball into their chest, partner 'B' standing stance in front of them. 'B' will start to lightly and speedily punch the med ball, keep them static for 30 seconds. Then cue 'A' to start walking forwards puting pressure on 'B' to move back but they must keep up the punches non-stop. 'A' will keep pushing until end of gym then start to walk backwards. All the time 'B' is punching straight shots with speed.

When back at starting point switch.

Set B:

Partner 'A' is holding med ball again with everyone in a line as before. 'B' is going to execute ten hooks and run to opposite end of gym and back to execute ten uppercuts, run the lap again and finish with ten straights.

Switch, partner 'B' then does the 10x hooks, lap, 10x uppercuts, lap and 10x straights.

You can repeat this for three times for a good effect.

But I must stress it is important to say to the class that punching hard will probably wind the person holding the medicine ball! The idea is speed not strength!

If there are any hardcore participants tell them to put the med ball to their stomach and take shots there. While the partner has to squat and punch. Much harder.

I hope you like it and look forward to my other ideas. Email me with questions.

I would like to see more ideas for box fit classes WITHOUT KICKS. I am a boxing coach but also take box aerobics and box fit classes, I never put kicks in my routine, boxers don't kick - its simple!


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