Tapless Salsa!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13661)

Good combo for salsa step ... or just plain ole' step too! Very similar to a "Step / BOSU" pattern I posted a few days ago. I did it yesterday in a Salsa step class and it rocked. Very easy to breakdown & teach for an intermediate/advanced pattern.

32 counts, tapless, self-reversing. Included at the end is the base foot pattern I used to teach the first 16 counts. Assume right foot lead:

First 16 counts:

Last 16 counts:

Base foot pattern for teaching first 16 counts:

Next demo direction off the end on the repeater, and the 3 count exit-across top-3 count exit. Do a knee-exit home and go right into the remaining 3 traveling corners.

Then demo the cha cha cha for knee # 2, then the ricochet* as options. Some people will stay with a 4 knee repeater.

Last, replace the "filler" travel knees with the last 16 counts.

* Ricochet: the toe touch on the floor between knees # 3 & 4 is behind you on the "home" side of the board instead of beside you on the end of the board.

Email me with questions!


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