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My favourite pattern for abs would be to start with the push up / hover abs have your members in the hover plank position either on their knees or toes depending on level from here take one hand out then the other and perform a pushup do this movement to a count of 8 do this 8 times with right arm lead 8 times with left arm lead then 8 times alternating ensuring that you cue to keep abs in tight not only do you get an ab work out but also great upper body, from here I get them to lay on their back and do oblique curl 2/2 each side for 32 counts then straight through the middle for 32 counts I then get them to do reverse curl ensuring that knees go to ceiling not into chest do 32 counts 2/2 32 3/1 then 32 counts singles from here I get them to then bring both ends up for 2, 3/1/, singles then I get them to push 1 heel out while bringing elbow across for 2/2 32 counts then 3/1 32 counts then singles 32 counts I remind them that it is all about control and using the abs not just the movement make sure lower back stays close to floor, from here get them to push both heels out for 2/2 then out and hold ensuring abs are doing the work, I then repeat depending on the group I may do this 3 times in one session all up if done correctly should take 12-15 minutes by the end abs should be on fire.... let me know

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