Noodle Push

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 14258)

Great site for inspiration, so I thought I'd add one.

After the warm up and a gentle jog across the pool to collect noodles, they all tie a knot in them.

Standing with feet apart and firmly planted, place both hands on the knotted noodle and push it straight down, close to the body, control it coming back up, repeat. Take it to one side, one hand on noodle other on hip and straight down, bending from the waist, hips stay still. Repeat and swap sides. Take it to the back, with both hands, push it down, using a squat and getting the elbows high when the noodle comes back up. Always control the noodle as it comes back towards the surface.

The next exercise appears to be quite easy but is tiring on the legs and arms.

Keeping the noodle knotted, hold it on its end and squat down in the water, so the noodle is under the surface. Push it forward and pull it back, repeat. Then take it to one diagonal side, push it out and pull it back, repeat and change sides. Once they have got the routine it can be speeded up a little - 8 front X 8 left X 8 right, 4 front X 4 left X 4 right, 2 front X 2 left X 2 right, 2 front X 2 left X 2 right.

Hope they enjoy it, mine love it!!

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From: Tenbury Wells, England (United Kingdom)
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