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Hi guys! This is my first submission, hope you can use some or all of it. I teach a class called "Cardio Intervals" which leaves it open to me to mix things up a little. I usually do some step, some hi-lo, etc...Here is the one hour class I did today that went over very well from start to finish.

Warmup and dynamic stretching 8 minutes

Block 1 (on the step)

Teach an easy to learn step combo such as:

I really draw it out over 5 minutes by teaching the first 3 moves 8 times each before moving on, I do the final move an uneven number of times so it ends up tapless to a lead change.

Block 2

Here I offer then 3 levels for this 1 minute interval

We do this 1x, recover 30 seconds, then 1 full minute football run, 30 seconds recover and then repeat both again

Block 3

Back on the step

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

Some plyometrics:

Block 7

Depending on the time I get them back up on the step doing travelling L's and get them to change it to over and backs across the step from side to side. Then I change it to over off 1 knee or kick, off, over repeat

All of that ends up being about 40 minutes including the warmup and then we finish it off with a little toning and hardcore abs. Let me know if you have questions or you need more ideas for this type of class! It works well because you can cater to all fitness levels and the participants don't need a lot of step experience or coordination to get a good workout!!

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