Four Block Alternating Lead

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Block A (this combo alternates lead)

I like to teach this first by V-step * 4, followed by basic * 3 and one knee to switch leads. Slowly interchange the ham curls and mambo. Then start adding direction with the V-step (bow tie) and the mambo (pivot).

Block B (does not alternate):

Make it more interesting by adding variations with the turns. Once this block is accomplished, combine with Block A since it switches leads - Block A with right foot leading (switches to left)
Block B with left foot leading
Block A with left foot leading (switches to right)
Block B with right foot leading

Block C (from the side) (alternates lead):

Easy to follow combo which alternates leads. Vary the Charleston * 2, with Charleston-turn-Mambo-Cha-Cha

Block D (from the side) (alternates lead):

Repeater knee

Once all blocks are well practiced, they all hook together: right lead A, B, C, D, then left lead A, B, C, D.

If Block D is confusing. Substitute a 16 count combo for the first two moves but keep the turns and repeater. Then your entire combo works.

For an advanced class, I'll teach all blocks in 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes of class, we can run through the blocks from A-D at least 4 times. We jam!

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