Jacque's 4-3-2-1 Knees AroundThe World (tapless)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14298)

I used this in class this week and it's a great little 32 count -- kicks up the intensity, easy to teach, cross-phrased, tapless & reverses the lead leg. I cued it "4-3-2-1":

Base pattern is descending knee repeaters traveling corner to corner:

Begin with right foot lead on west corner:

Next, straddle after the 4 knee repeater and 2 knee repeater to take this "around the world".

You can also layer in different optional variations for the repeaters. Here are the ones I used:

4 Knee repeater variation (right lead): step knee (1,2); down left (3); touch back right (4); scissor legs on the floor (5,6); step knee (7,8) end with an exit or straddle (9,10)

3 Knee repeater variation (right lead): step knee (1,2); touch left on floor (3); 2 quick side-side lunges right=left (4,5); knee up (6); exit (7,8)

2 Knee repeater variation (right lead): step knee (1,2); cross left foot behind right leg and touch floor on North side of board (3); left knee up (4); exit (5,6)


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