Deep water aerobics...Power Hour!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 14499)

This is my first here, hope it helps others as thiers have helped me!

This class worked in Both Olympic sized and smaller pools!

Warm up: I usually started this in shallow water. Easy jogging, hamstring curls with arms pressing up, pendulumn, jumping jacks-arms in water, then jumping jacks arms out of water, then getting participants to jog in a circle...once they get a good current going they have to turn around and jog against current or walk. Jog backwards against current. Warm up is usually 5 - 20 minutes depending on temperature of your water.

Once it's time to head to deep water, they cross country ski to the deep end and travel in a ski back in forth in deep area of pool for about 2 minutes. Then power ski for 30 seconds, recover with a jog.

Opposite elbow to opposite knee-regular and powerful- 45 seconds each
Back stroke arms, no legs < travel Breatstroke arms, no legs

Flutter in place as fast as you can! 1 minute!
Recover jog
Water scoops (arms furiously scooping water in towards body) 45 seconds
Easy speed bag for recovery

Freestyle swim laps
Jogging < I add intervals here and there, mix it up
Doggy paddle
Flutter kicks
Canoe arms- we sit up right, legs floating in front, body "sitting in canoe", legs are canoe...we use arms to paddle!

Water jacks or jumping jacks, but here the trick in deep water....go from letter T to letter A, minimizes the dunking and water up the nose. being at a easy level the POWER jacks!

Power kicks: (We take off our belts for this last segment of class)
We first face the pool wall, once hand under water in wall, fingers facing down, the other hand holding on to top of wall or pool deck. We power kck, making a huge splash for 30 seconds - 1 minute. If you teach from the deck it's a fun game trying to see who gets the teacher soaked! Then they get about 20 seconds to flip over and hold on to edge of pool, (arms stretched out, no elbow clinging leads to injury) and again power kick! We then work abs and get Hydro toners (I prefer styrofoam bells) and do our toning in deep water. A good one is free style swim length of pool with bells. Also at edge of pool (also used in interval where they swim to edge do a number of bodylifts then swim again). Hands placed at top of pool edge/deck we use those arms (no legs!) to lift our bodies up and out of the water!

I hope you class loves this as much as our did, it brought a different crowd to water aerobics!

Thank you Julie Thurgood for all you taught me!

I welcome questions or suggestions!

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