High Energy

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14510)

Combo 1 (right lead)

*You can do a two step or a shuffle for the walk around the step

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Goes to left lead
You can do a shuffle ball change for the grapevine, they love the dancy aspect.

Begin in "start position" facing front

Reverse V or reverse basic: I've always called it a hook step: facing the step, with right foot step toward left side of box, as you do start to turn to your left so that you are facing the back wall. Step down with right then left. Now facing back wall.

L-step cut shoulder: right foot up on step, lift left knee, step down left foot on floor, lift right knee, step down right foot on box and start turning to your left, step down with left foot on step...here as left comes to step right leaves to go to floor, then right foot on floor then left foot on floor, as you move feet to floor, right and left, finish your turn so that you are done with your right leg next to step

Test the water: up left foot, face the back wall (reverse turn) touch left toes down then touch right toes down, then finish turn to right with step down left, then step down right. end facing your bench again.

I-step: jack on top, jack on the floor.

Hitch kick: step up right foot. As you bring left up kick right foot out. Land on floor right then left

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