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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14540)

3 32-count combos, intermediate/advanced choreography, all are tapless and self-reversing. Right lead assumed. Choreography notes below.


Ready to repeat on left leg


Ready to repeat on left leg


Ready to repeat on left leg

Hello Turnsteppers! I'm ashamed to say that I've never contributed to these pattern boards before ~ but I promise to do better from now on. Hopefully you'll like what I've got for you. And if you recognise some of your own in this, THANKS!

Choreography notes:

Combo I

* Weave over: I believe some of you call this a weave or scissor over, but I'm not sure. I call it 'inside out' but that just doesn't seem to be standard terminology. The base of this move is an arabesque or glute lift, but instead of just lifting your leg back, you swing your leg over the step and exit at the front side. Counts: step up right, facing Left side (west) (1), lift left leg, swing over step (2), exit front side, left (3) and right (4), ready to do the same on left leg.

Combo II

* Square ham curl: coming from 4 alternate ham-curls on the floor, move in a square. You straddle the step on the first and third ham-curl, and end with one foot in the air. Start next move with that foot.

* Repeater kick-ballchange straddle: start with repeater kicks. Now step up right, kick with left (1,2), left foot to floor (3), right foot hops behind left on (and)-count, left foot lifts slightly. On (4), left goes back to ground. Right back to step (5), kick with left (6), exit (7,8), ready to repeat with left leg.

Combo III

* V-lift and turn: I'll give you my breakdown: start with ordinary V-steps. Now, lift your knee on count (4), that way the V-step becomes a lead changer. Now alternate this move with an ordinary V-step. Change the knee-lift to a side-lift, add a little swing to the move. As you swing, turn 180', facing back of room, do an ordinary V-step to the back of the room and turn back on counts (3,4) of this second V-step.

* Syncopated basic: right leg comes up on step (1), pause (2), left leg comes up to step on (and)-count, exit right and left (3,4)

* Repeater squat & flick kicks: step up right, lift left knee (1,2), right foot stays on step, step down wide with left leg and squat down (3,4), make two little flick kicks with left leg (5,6), exit left and right (7,8), ready to repeat on left.

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