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With the continuous popularity of cardio combat workouts; Taebo, BoxAerobics, Airbox, Boxercise and Kickboxing; whichever punchline you prefer; footwork is the most neglected aspect of the genre. After you master the basic punches and kicks, where do you go? To truly master boxing or cardio combat of any kind and to keep your combat drills lively and interesting, recognize that getting better and better is what keeps you going and going. And that is where footwork drills step in.


Get your feet and hands in the classic boxer on-guard stance on your toes. Warm-up slowly moving back and forth while always keeping the on-guard stance. It will help you to use some wide duck tape to make a big cross on the floor. Dancing and shuffling forward and back five feet from center. Repeat and repeat. Be daring.

Then start practicing going sideways from center about five feet; staying on your tape lines. First start in the right hand stance then the left. Practice switching your feet scissor stepping and moving all directions back and forth and side to side. Always keeping the on-guard stance ready to duck, punch or kick. Practice bobbing and weaving as you go. Just pretend there is a rope down the middle of your duck tape cross about head high, dip your knees and bob and weave under the rope and up on each side as you move back and forth and side to side. If this sounds hard.. it is.

Hold off throwing any punches or kicks until you learn to always be moving while setting up your strikes. The trick is to always keep moving back and forth and side to side on your duck tape guides while always being on-guard and in a position to punch or kick if you choose without losing your rhythm. When you get smooth try a five punch combo: Show Five

Then add some of these: Over and Under Firepower!

You'll get the feel with time and practice. Watch lots of videos of the great footwork artists of all time. Try to emulate the pros of boxing. I recommend watching old fight videos of the masters; Willey Pep, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, just to name a few. It will take about 90 hours of practice to really get good at master footwork. When you feel in control add some master boxer moves: Don't fake it - add feints

You will develop several pro styles; dazzling footwork of the master boxer punchers. Combined with other martial art drills you'll be a step ahead of those that have their feet stuck in sand while punching or kicking. Its where you can take it that matters. The footwork is the delivery system of all strikes whether punches or kicks. And don't forget the kicking drills: Kickboxing Perfection Drills

It helps to put on slow music with a steady beat. I like bongos and drums, be an animal in there. Speed up the music and beat as you improve and get the feel. You will be amazed how much it is like dancing. But it's a dance with a purpose. Keeping you going and going...and going,and going.

Also, if you have room, place a wide wall mirror in front of your duck tape guides. Like any skill it will take time to get on to this. Then create your own boxercise pit workout. Boxercise Pit Workout or call it what'cha want! It's your move.

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