Jacque's V-Cross Cha-Cha (tapless, x-phrased)

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Okay, I have to give due credit to where the beginning of this combo came from! It is Carole Paradise's "Stompin' L-step". I renamed it because it seemed to help my classes get it better. (Thanks for the idea Carole! I got a lot of mileage out of it the past 2 weeks!)

Horizontal board, self-reversing. Assume right foot lead:

** Backdoor knee: this is like a broadway knee except -- it begins from either the east or west end of the board. You do a backward 1/4 hop turn off the step (1,2) then walk 3 on the floor toward the back corner of the room (3,4,5) -- on count 6 do a side-leg abductor with arms V'd overhead while you hopturn back toward the front of the room (6), then walk 2 toward the corner of the board you hopped off of (7,8). This is a 360 degree move -- the second turn just continues the same direction as the first one. Really feels cool.

This combo flows so well into the next one, so here it is!

*** Step lift (1,2), exit in front facing front (3,4) step behind you onto the board and lift (5,6), exit home (7,8) Arms "V" overhead on the lifts.

This is definitely one of those moves that pushes the envelope on "safety" so I emphasize the fact that it is an OPTION. Those who don't feel comfortable with it can simply do the base move: 2 alternating side leg abductors.

Feel free to email me for the teaching progression

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