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This is a tapless, cross-phrased asymmetric step routine that I've had fun with this fall and gotten a lot of good feedback about, both from members and fellow instructors. It is not self-reversing but both block 1 and 2 change leads so of course you can use them as self-reversing on both right and left lead even though I think you lose some of the smoothness and flow in the combo until you get to weave it in the end. At the bottom of the page I'll give a suggestion for an easy way to make the third block lead changing too if you'd like to use it as self-reversing, otherwise why not use it as an easy filler 32 together with a lead changing 32 for a 64 count self-reversing. Even if it's asymmetric it's (almost) balanced between right and left. Explanations for moves with * after each block, lead leg marked right or left and counts in (). Have fun!

Block 1

* Base move is march on top of step for 4, on count 3 do a small jump, land on right and point left leg out to the side, right arm extended up and left arm to the side. Cross left over on count 4 and exit right/left.

** From a straddle position up left/right and exit left/right, back to straddle position, stepping up, place right foot behind left, crossing.

*** 5 count mambo (Marcus Irwin style), up right, step down left to the left side, step right on the same place on the step again, exit home left/right. With double ham curl inside, insert double ham curl left after stepping down with left to the left side, curl up on count 4 and 6 and exit home on 7,8.

Block 2

* 3 count mambo starting from the top, facing right. Left steps down sideways on count 1, back up right/left on count 2,3, step down right sideways.

** Start facing right, step up left/right and down left/right turning backwards to facing front.

Block 3

* Simply 4 marches around the step, start walking when exiting from double knee repeater, spin outwards if you like so your back is against the short end of the step on count 2 and 3.

** 4 marches around the step, starting when exiting the kick, turn outwards if you like.

To make block 3 lead changing, instead of kick right and double knee left do a rocking horse right and double knee repeater right and you are ready to start with mambo left.

Any questions, email me..

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