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My second combo! :) All tapless and advanced, 3 self-reversing 32-count combo's. Choreography notes below. Right lead assumed, counts in ().


Ready to repeat on left lead.


Ready to repeat on left leg.


Ready to repeat on left leg.

These combos weave very nicely, so you can do: 1 right, 2 left, 3 right - 1 left, 2 right, 3 left.

Combo I.

* Knee switch straddle-stomp-double ham curl: I teach this whole chunk starting with a 3-knee repeater and a 3-ham repeater. The repeater knee changes into a: right to step, lift left knee, left to floor (1,2,3), left and right leg switch places in one count (left goes to step, right goes to floor) (4), lift right knee (5), exit right, left (6,7). Then I rock back with right, and add the 3-rep ham. The rock back changes into a 'chug/stomp' the step once, exit (3 counts, right lead) (8,9,10), and the 3-ham repeater becomes a double ham repeater. Then I add the straddle, which is done on the 'switch' move (count 4), so while you switch the legs, you hop over to the other (front/north/mirror) side of the step. It's not a real straddle, because your legs are not straddling the step, but I call it that anyway, because with a repeater straddle you exit at the front as well.

* Chasse over the step, rock back: right steps up (1), left steps up on -and- count, right steps down at other side (2), rock left behind right leg (3,4)

* Box-step (jazz square, flying box): left steps up near right/east corner, right crosses in front of left leg and in front of east short end of step, down to floor (2), exit at the front/north side of step (3,4)

* Weave over: step up left, facing west and back (1), lift right leg, swing over step (2), exit home side, right and left (3,4).

Combo II.

* Side-straddle-kick3x-mambo: This is nice when you add a little oomph to the kick. I break it down by doing a 7-knee repeater with four alternating kicks to get to 32, then I just show them the thing without the straddle (so side lift, kicks on 5, 7, 9, mambo back, knee up) and count with them to make sure they do the kicks on the right counts... that's really the only tricky thing. Then I add the straddle.

Combo III.

* L-box-chacha: right leg goes to step, lift left knee, left goes to floor next to west short end, lift right knee (1-4), right leg crosses over the left leg, right foot goes to floor (5), left rocks back (6), chacha toward step right-left-right (7-and-8).

* 4-Knee repeater ski: start out with 4 knee repeater, followed by 2 knee repeater to fill out the 16 counts. Then: left to step, lift right knee (1,2) right goes to floor, left to floor behind right (like a lunge), (3,4) legs make a scissor/switch/ski movement, switching place 2x, (5,6), left to step again, lift right knee, exit (7-10)

* 2-Knee repeater hop-over/ricochet: double knee repeater, but after the first knee lift, tap floor at the other side (north, mirror) of the step.

* 2 Single knee lifts 'freeze': left foot hops on step, right knee lifts, all in count 1. Pause for count 2, exit (3,4).

Enjoy! Email me with any questions or comments, I'd love to hear how this works out for you!

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