Step in Sweden (Ace's #2)

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Three self-reversing, crossphrased, tapless 32 count blocks for int/adv classes, weaves nicely. Explanations for moves with * after each block, lead leg marked right or left and counts in (). Hope you like and can use them. Email any questions! ;-)

Block 1

Ready to repeat on other lead

* 5 count mambo (Marcus Irwin style), up right, step down left to the left side, step right on the same place on the step again, exit home left/right.

** Abductor lift, swing lifted leg across behind and step down on the other side of the step, facing sideways.

*** V-step facing sideways, foot on the step on count 1, step out wide on the floor on count 2, step back and together, turning to face forward again on count 3,4

**** 3 marches on top of the step right/left/right, cross on count 3 and exit down left/right on count 4,5

Block 2

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Simply 4 marches around the step, start walking when exiting from double ham curlrepeater, spin outwards if you like so your back is against the short end of the step on count 2 and 3.

** 4 Marches around the step, starting when exitin the kick, turn outwards if you like.

*** Step up, up left/right, lunge left/right/left on count 3,5,7 facing right, on count 8 bring left together with right on top of step and make 1/2 turn to face left, lunge right/left on count 9,11 and bring left knee up on count 12, exit left/right on count 13,14

Block 3

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Straddle down facing left right/left, 3 count mambo from straddle position right/left, right foot on the step on count 3 and left on count 6, end straddle right/left.

** Start from straddle, during triple kneelifts turn slowly around the short end of the step, exit left/right on 7,8 facing the back of the room with left side next to the short end of the step.

*** Across the top facing the back of the room, left/right on the step, down with left on count 3, right foot stays on the step, twist knee and hip inwards and tap the toes right on count 4.

**** Foot down on the step right (from Elvis tap), lift left knee and turn clockwise 1/4 to exit home left/right facing front.

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