Combat 1

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 14738)

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Each block takes me about ten minutes to teach, so when you add then warm up and some strength work, thats your class! I teach the punch-kick combo of block 1 on right stance and repeat the entire thing on left stance including the build up. I then follow with the cardio combo. Then move on to block 2 and do the same thing again.

*To build the block, for example block 1:
Starting right stance, I do jab, cross, jab, cross and then hold for 4 counts. Do this a few times. Then I do JCJC and then two knees on the back leg and do this a few times. Then I do JCJC and turn the two knees into a side kick and do this a few times. The do JCJC-side kick and then hold for 8 counts, do this a few times. Then put it all together by bringing in the hooks. Then start the whole thing from the beginning on left stance.

Tip with block 2:
Before I do the block I teach the high kick first. I start off with two knees, one on the back leg and then on the front leg and then hold for two. Then do a back knee and the a front kick and hold (if someone cannot do a high kick then I tell them just to continue with this as it is low impact. Move on to a high kick on the spot and hold. Then you when you high kick, you naturally move forward, then you can change the hold to jump backs.

Move explanations:
All holds are for 2 counts and are a little bounce on the spot

In block 1
The skipping imitates skipping with a rope moving forward or back
High and Low punches imitates punching someones nose and stomach

In block 3
The grab, with the lead arm, is like grabbing someones hair. Hold that in position whilst you the punch the nose and chin with the back arm
With the elbow, imagine someone is attacking you from the side and then elbow their nose
One the cardio bit you move the jabs forward but stop on the cross

In block 4
The elbow punches are Mai Tai punches. Imagining you opponent in front on you, use the brunt of your lead elbow to strike the chin. Starting with your arm completely bent (so your arm is at your side and your hand is near your shoulder), and swinging up. For the elbow down, you are striking the nape of someones neck, arm starts bent with upper arm parallel to the floor and then swing down
With the knife strike, arms start up and with edge of your palm, both hands come down as if to strike both sides of the nape of someones neck
By shuffle I mean crisscross legs and with ducks you just duck side to side as if to duck out of the way of someones punch

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From: Birmingham, Alambama (USA)
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