Multi-tasking- using 4 benches

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 14740)

You will utilize 4 benches.

                  XXXXXX    XXXXXX
                   HOME      RED

                  XXXXXX    XXXXXX
                   BACK     GREEN
                (Or Jail)

Right leg lead

You are ready to start on Red, with a left leg lead.

This is a 64 count Combo.

**Broadway kick: knee up on bench 1-2, step down 3-4, walk backward kick 5-6 walk back to bench 7-8.

Multi-Step Cueing (shortcuts)

Volley: Moving from HOME to RED Laterally. Or BACK to GREEN laterally. EXAMPLE: If you are traveling knees from HOME TO RED, you would cue KNEE VOLLEY. If you are kicking 2X on HOME and RED, you would cue 2 KICK VOLLEY. If you are doing 1 turnstep on HOME and 1 on RED, your cue TURNSTEP VOLLEY.

PING PONG: Moving from HOME to BACK or RED to GREEN. EXAMPLE: Traveling knees from HOME to BACK, you would cue KNEE PING PONG. Traveling knees from RED to GREEN, you would cue KNEE PING PONG. 1 Turnstep on HOME 1 turnstep on BACK; you would cue TURNSTEP PING PONG.

More 64 count combos to come.
Questions? email me.
Enjoy, Clara

Added by Clara Dixon at 2:26 PM on Sunday, December 12, 2004 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)
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