Spinning and stepping (Swedish advanced)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14741)

This is pretty tricky with crossphrasing, spins (most are optional), rhythm changes and home made moves and requires some thinking to break down and teach with filler moves and layering. I put together this routine as an inspirational class to a step workshop I did for a level 2 instructor's training course just to show what you can do and how much fun you can have with a step bench! ;-) Tapless, self-reversing 32 count blocks, works well to weave if you have enough time left after teaching everything...

Block 1

Ready to repeat on other lead.

* Ham curl right into 3 count mambo backwards right on count 4 and left on count 7, right foot up count 1, ham curl left count 2, exit left count 3, right foot back crossing slightly behind on count 4, left foot steps in place on count 5, right foot steps to the side on count 6, left foot steps back on count 7, slightly crossing, right foot steps in place on count 8.

** Step up left/right turning right and straddle down left/right facing left.

*** Boxstep, left foot on the step, near the left short end, right crosses over and steps down on the floor, left foot steps back, right foot steps to the side, starting to turn slowly to the right (getting ready for hangover V-step).

**** Facing right, left foot on the step, right foot on the floor, on count 3,4 optional spin backwards/left.

***** Spin to the right on count 3,4 back to facing front.

Block 2

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Step up with right foot count 1,2, left foot up on "and", exit right/left on count 3,4.

** Double knee repeater left (count 1-4), exit and start walking around the step right/left/right/left, spin outwards so your back is against the short end of the step on counts 6,7.

*** Step up right and kick left leg forward in double tempo (count and,1), left foot back on the floor on count 2 and squat down, lean back and lift right leg on count 3.

**** Step up right/left and lunge right (count 3), lunge-knee-lunge left (ct 5,6,7), lunge right (count 9), exit left/right (count 11,12).

Block 3

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Jog up right/left, march exit.

** Facing forward, step up right and do a karate imitating sidekick with left leg, body leaning right and right arm boxing left in front of the body, exit left/right, same thing left lead but exit right and lift left knee on count 8.

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