Time to Step it up

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14742)

32 count tapless, horizontal step, right foot lead

To start, I teach:
Alternating knees to the corner (4 counts each knee) then,
2 single left knees to left corner (8) with a tap down in between, repeat other side.
Next, teach left knee to corner, right tap over the board, left knee exit facing front (8). Repeat right. Then the class is ready to learn the triple lunge over & don't forget the chug to even out the square.

*Right triple lunge over--right foot lunges over the board, then pull right knee to chest THREE TIMES, keep right knee up after third lunge, right foot to board, left knee comes up & exit to facing front. Once they have it, add arms to simulate a knee strike or knee smash as in kickboxing by reaching left on the lunge & pulling to the right knee when bring up the right knee. Really adds power.

**V-step with funky arms--once they have the combo, arms follow feet in a V to the ceiling on count 1 & 2, circle both arms at the same time down towards the middle of the body & outwards on count 3, ending in a clap on count 4.

This is my first submission! I finally have enough confidence to offer one back! Thanks for all your great ideas. Don't hesitate to email any questions.

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From: Illinois (USA)
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