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I love this site, thanks to all who contribute. I have several things I have been meaning to put on but...

I have taught several senior classes and both places have loved these exercises.

Pair everyone up, if uneven I will partner with someone. Have everyone face each other and put hands up with fingers spread wide. Next begin pushing on your partners hands, and just encourage them to push as hard as they can (without knocking anyone over). This works upper body lots of arms. (have them do this with feet together and also spread out) (you can also have them scoot farther from each other to place more emphasis on balance)

Next put the hands out to the side and do the same thing, this gets harder because of the position of the arms. I have not had anyone be uncomfortable with this yet but if you have someone that is just encourage them to keep their hands wide but out in front of themselves.

Next have them put their hands above their head and do the same thing. This is a great shoulder workout. After we are done with this exercise I next have them start with hands overhead and push while they are moving their arms down to the side. then go back up the same way. This not only works the muscles but also the brain. They have to not only be concentrating on pushing on their partners hands but they have to not move themselves either.

The last move we do with this is have everyone turn around with backs to the other, palms facing the others. Push again, this works the triceps and some bicep. Then I carefully have them push back and forth only about 2 inches in the movement. This works more tricep and helps with flexibility.

If you want since you already have them in pairs, you can have them face each other hold hands then each person, (still holding one hand) walks the opposite direction (to the side) and the object is to keep ahold of the other persons hand. This is actually a dance move. Then have them move the opposite direction to work the other side.

I continue to tell my seniors that we need to continually use both sides of our brain, so we do a lot of opposites, left hand to right knee and vise versa. I did my best to explaing this if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.
Hope you enjoy

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