Lethal Leslie #23

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14750)

Horizontal step, right lead, tapless, self-reversing combos. For the orbit, please refer to previous posts if you need an explanation. It's the same as revolving door, I just call it orbit.

Combo #1

Repeat 2 jog over right corner- left repeat 2 (4) step down left-right moving to right corner (5,6) step over the step left (7) and right foot follows beside left foot (8)

Weave & mambo (6) - Facing the right wall, left foot leads. Left foot to the step (1), hop on the left foot while bringing the right leg behind the left leg, while turning slightly to face the back (2), exit right towards front of room (3), left foot to floor (mambo) and right foot lifts (4), right foot back in place and left foot lifts slightly turning to face the back (5), left foot on the floor at the north east corner of the step facing the step and right foot is up (6)

Combo #2

2 fly knees (8): it's just alternating knees corner to corner but you add a jump to it so you are traveling the length of the step. You are just making the alternating knees bigger.

Get up get down : it's just coming up and lunging for two. But before you do this you are facing the back and you have to get home. So, left foot to right corner (1), right foot up like the start of a reverse turn but you feet aren't as wide (2), you should now be facing the front again, lunge 2 to home and exit home (3-8)

Shuffle forward & box to front of room & one stomp (8) : it's the start of a shuffle turn, assuming right lead, right foot on step & left foot on the floor and shuffle forward (1&2) at the end of count 2 the left foot is in the air, left foot crosses over the right foot that's still on the step, and left foot ends on the floor on north side of the step (3), right foot to the floor beside the left foot but turning towards the step a little (4), left foot to the floor closer to the left corner (you are now facing the back) right foot lifts at the same time (5), right foot stomps the step at the left corner & left foot lifts (6), left foot to the floor (7), right foot to the floor moving towards the right corner (8)

Combo #3

Right skate 2 pivot Right & weave right away (10) : the start of a regular skate, just the first 2 (4), right foot is in the air, right foot on the step at the right end of the step (5), left ham & pivoting to face the right wall (6), left foot taps the floor on north side of the step (7), now start the weave, left leg lifts up behind the right leg and hop on the right leg at the same time (8), exit left right facing the right wall (9,10)

I hope my explanations are ok. If not please feel free to email me. If you want you can go through the combos as Combo 1 right lead, combo 2 left lead and combo 3 right lead, and repeat on the left from combo 1.

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