Warmup For Sonia's Wild Cards V

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14760)

Step is vertical. Begin on the left side with a right lead.

Repeat left

Begin again, but change the taps to 4 squats. After the squats take the right foot to the step and do plies. Keeping the right foot on the step for these dynamic stretches: slide/lean right/left from side to side pushing the left hand across in front of you. As you lean left pull the elbow back. Turn to the step and do 8 left heel lifts (32 counts) scissoring the arms. Bend the left knee forward and back tilting the hips and rounding and releasing the back at the same time (8x for 32 counts). Shift the weight onto the left foot. Hinge from the hips leaning forward and back up...press the arms to the back wall as you lean forward, bicep curl as you come up (8x, 32 counts). Tap the right toes up and down for 16 counts, tap the right toes left and right for 16 counts. March off on right lead to even out counts if necessary. I find that I need about 8 counts to make several of the transition moves so we are sometimes crossing the 32, but it all evens out in the end.

Finish the warm-up on the right starting with the hamcurls (I replace the hams with kicks and the knees with abductors this time through). Repeat with hustles and squats and the dynamic stretches on the left side...finishing with the kicks and abductors and double moves and you are all ready to complete the breakdown of the first combo.


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