Sonia's Wild Cards VI (Cardio Interval Class)

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Horizontal step, 32 count, self-reversing, basic to intermediate, tapless combos. 4 to 5 minutes on the step working at the lower end of the heart rate zone, followed by 1 minute of intense (anaerobic) cardio blasts (Wild Cards). During the 1 minute blast have them work has hard as they can - whether it is high or low impact - each to their own abilities. Don't worry about staying with the music, but do time the 1 minute segments.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Wild Card 1

On the floor. Shuffle & jump: shuffle/chasse 1&2&3& jump. Alternate moving right and left. Low impact: chasse and rock back or double step touch with a knee up on count 4.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Wild Card 2

On the floor. Jumping jacks. Low impact: heel jacks or half jacks.

Combo 3

Repeat left

Wild Card 3

On the floor. Step & rock: step wide right, rock back left, step wide left, rock back right (each move is 3 counts). Go fast on this OR: Use the step: hop over landing on the right foot, rock back left, hop over landing on the left foot, rock back right.

Combo 4

Repeat left

Wild Card 4

Step and floor. Run "4" Your Life: Run 4 on top, run 4 on the floor, run 4 back, run 4 forward. Low impact: march big.

Combo 5

Repeat left

Wild Card 5

On the floor. Squat hops: in a squat position hop forward 4 times. Stand up and hop back 4 times. Low impact: squat and walk forward. Stand up and march back.

*Circle tap:
1,2) step up right and left
3,4,5) right toes tap the front edge of the step, the right end of the step, the floor at home
6) right foot steps on top
7,8) exit left and right

NOTE: I do circle taps in the warm-up on the floor: standing on the left foot, the right taps front, side, back and step on the right (4 counts). Repeat left. On the step I have them do basics while I demo it on the step.

These combos flow together for a regular step class also.

Email any questions or ask on the moves board.


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From: Texas (USA)
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