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These are two pretty basic 32 count, self-reversing blocks that I put together up when I got called to sub a step sculpt class just a couple of hours before. I needed something not to choreographically challenging, quick and easy to teach and that would make them tired and sweating fast. It worked really well and class seemed to enjoy it. Explanations for moves with * after each block, lead leg marked right or left and counts in ().

Block 1

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Stomp (1/2 mambo) with right foot on the step, double hamcurl repeater right starting on count 3, basically (and can be taught as) just a variation on a triple repeater.

** This is a very basic block, if members catches on quickly, skip the basic and do step touch right/left straight after L-step and change the stomp repeater to a 3 count mambo right/left into double repeater.

Block 2

Ready to repeat on other lead

* Stomp 3 times with right foot on the step facing left, or develop to 1 mambo (right forth and back) and 1 stomp, step up right/left facing left.

** Straddle down right/left, facing left, jump up on the step both feet at once on count 3, straddle down right/left, jump up on count 6 and straddle down right/left.

This block really gets their heartrate up, you can hold one or more of the different 8 counts, like the lunges, for a longer time and use as a drill before putting together all moves at the right counts, or do them 2/4 times each before moving on to the next before you cut it down to the way it's supposed to be in the end.

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