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Step is horizontal, all self-reversing, some cross-phasing. My Monday night step class is intermediate to advanced, and they like to move around a here goes!

*V-step on the end: you can do this two different ways...1) do a V-step on the floor facing front; or 2) turn towards the bench and do the V-step "around" your bench, still on the floor.

**Across the top, repeater knee: just as it reads...only remember to get your lead foot for the repeater in the middle of the bench to set up for the basic.

***Mambo on the bench/away from the bench: use this move to really cover some space. I have my class mambo on the corner, use the cha cha to get some air and move away towards the back corner of the room, then hit the 2nd mambo, and bring it all back home.

****4-3-2-1 Repeater: borrowed from this website (thank you to whoever posted it earlier!), 4-count repeater in one corner, 3-count repeater in the other corner, 2-count repeater, then single, and another single. I have my class do power hams or power knees with this one.

*****Fast squats: stay on one corner for this move. For example, right foot leads: right foot on bench into a little squat (1), right foot back together with left foot on floor (2), left foot steps out further on floor into a small squat (3), left foot back in together with right foot on floor (4)...repeat again to get to 8 counts. It's fast move, so cue it early.

Email with questions...thanks! :)

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From: West Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
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