Jacque's "Slice The Corner"

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14771)

64 counts, reverses the lead in the first 8 counts. Horizontal board, tap free, some cross-phrasing. Assume right foot lead:

* "Slice" the corner at west end = step up right, side abductor left and exit on the N side of the board on counts 3,4,5. Begin turning in as you exit so that by count 5 you are facing the board & the back of the room. You are now ready to stomp on count 6 with your right foot on the NE corner. You are facing the back of the room.

The base pattern I use for teaching this is: side abductor without going over the board counts 1,2; exit in home position on count 3, back mambo counts 4,5; stomp board on count 6 at W corner; march 2 counts 7,8. Follow with knees corner-corner, 3 basics & one V (the base footwork for the next part of the combo). Then I layer in the direction & come back to them on the 1/2 Revolving door which is when they are doing their first basic. It takes a few times of watching for many people to get this one, but they all eventually do. I cue: "slice the corner, walk 3,2,1 STOMP". Seems to help.

After that I block & teach the hangover V and waltz on top and layer them in with some knees corner-corner for filler.

** Waltz on top = 3 marches on the top of the board. Begin as you would a reverse turn.

*** Change your mind across the top = begin as usual across the top, but only land one foot on the floor on the other side. Immediately reverse direction and go back the way you came. Exit on counts 6,7,8 doing a back mambo.

**** Back door knee = same as Broadway knee except do a 180 back hop-turn away from the board counts 1,2; walk on a diagonal facing the back corner of the room counts 3,4,5; do a side leg abductor while you hop-turn to face front count 6 (arms going overhead in a V is fun); walk back to the board counts 7,8. You will have completed a full 360 -- both turns going in the same direction.

If anything doesn't make sense, feel free to email me! I've had a lot of fun with this one.


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