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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14774)

Hi, everybody. This is my first post to the Patterns board, so I hope everything goes smoothly. I've included both the finished product as well as my method of breakdown in case you're wondering how I got from the base moves to the end product. I try to keep all of my breakdown completely lead leg balanced and on the 32-count, so keep that in mind when reading the breakdown section.

The following combos are taught on a horizontal bench, with tap-free transitions, and some cross-phrasing. Please email me with any questions! :)

Combo 1



More explicitly, by count (assume right lead):

NOTE--I have, on occasion, taught an intermediate version of this layer by not initially doing the reverse turns. The footwork is the exact same as above (in terms in foot strikes on and off the step), but the class is facing forward the entire time. I've found that this version is not very kinesthetically pleasing, and is usually more trouble than it's worth.

Still staying in the 16 count block built above, you now have: shuffle/reverse 3 count turn (4), full reverse turn (4), 2 single stomps and 2 marches (8) = 16, self-reversing.

Now, layer the stomps by turning away on the 2nd stomp and "stomping" the floor. If the first stomp is left lead, on the right corner of the step facing NE, then the second stomp is right lead, facing the SW corner of the room.

The block now looks like: shuffle/reverse 3 count turn (4), full reverse turn (4), stomp on bench (3), stomp on floor (3), 2 marches (2) = 16, self-reversing.

Although there is one more layer to add, I like to combine this version of the 2nd block with the first block before adding that last layer.

Combining everything, you have: double kick around the world 1/2 (10), 2 alternating knees on top/straddle down (6), shuffle/reverse 3 count. turn (4), full reverse turn (4), stomp on bench (3), stomp on floor (3), 2 marches (2) = 32, self-reversing.

I really like how the straddle down after the 2 alternating knees on top sets you up for a nice, long shuffle into the 3 count reverse turn. When you get more comfortable with this transition, you'll probably end up straddling very close to the end of the east/west sides of your step, allowing more movement in the shuffle sequence.

Okay--final layer. All the divas have been waiting for it, so why not go ahead and let them have their fun? On counts 31-32, you can add an additional on-the-toes turn which flows very kinesthetically out of the stomp on the floor. Make sure you remind them to spot their bench so that they are still in control at the end of the turn, since they'll be going directly into the double kick around the world.

I was going to add combos 2 & 3 here, but I'm not sure if there's a space limit, so I'll put those in separate posts.

Thanks for reading! Email me with any questions! :-)


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