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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 14775)

16 and 32 counts, self-reversing, right lead.

Warm Up:

Repeat above 2x's then same 16 counts with advance forward on jabs & retreat back on cross jabs.

Repeat above 2x's then same 16 counts with advance forward on hooks & retreat back on uppers

Cardio Combo 1

Repeat left

Cardio Combo 2

* Jabs follow feet, jab right when stepping right all on count 1, jab left when stepping left all on count 2, step back right left for counts 3 & 4.

**Shuffle up right 2x's (count 1,2), step left on count 3, right knee strike on count 4

***Step right down 5, Left roundhouse on count 6, hold count 8

****Step out on 1 & jab 2/3, step back on 4

*****Step left on 1, step right behind left on 2, left side kick 3

******Side step with intensity. Step right, step left while hopping right, step feet together. For low version, side step 3x's

*******Hop feet out wide into squat for count 1 & 2, hop feet together & hop 2x's for count 3 & 4. Fun to clap with last 2 counts. Last 6 counts could be 3 jacks instead.

This is my first kickbox combo! Just giving back. Email me with any questions.

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From: Bloomington Illinois (USA)
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