Pilates in the Pool #1

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14781)

These exercises can be used in specified class or after your aerobic portion of class. I'll try to give you a few moves which I haven't seen before on this site or on video. Enjoy!


*The 100 - Stand stationary with 1 leg 90 deg in Pilates stance, (***Pilates Stance - leg extended straight, reaching through the toes, knee caps and quads lifted, & leg rotating at hip so knee faces outward. You should be able to see your heel), & pump straight arms by your side.

*Spinal Stretch - Stand stationary and alternating knee lifts. Hold under each leg as it lifts, pulling elbows sideways to strech your upper back and touch knee to nose as your exhale, hollowing out the abdominal cavity. As you inhale, stand up as straight as possible, pulling down shoulder blades & pulling in "B"-Line. (***"B"-Line - imaiginary line drawn from hip bone to hip bone & you pull this area towards the spine, kinda like a belly limbo)

Exercises - with noodle

*Single Leg Kicks - Plank postion with noodle extended forward, straight arms, hands shoulder distant apart, feet/legs in ***Pilates Stance, balanced on toes, heels touching, pulling shoulder blades down, and ***"B"-Line held. Kick Right leg to buttocks, Flex, Point, Flex, set leg down. Repeat 5X, same leg than repeat on Left. The challenge of this exercise is to remain in Plank position withgood form during exercise.

*Double Leg Kick - Plank position with noodle extended forward, straight arms, hands shoulder distant apart, open legs hip distance, balanced on toes, shoulder blades down, ***"B"-Line drawn in. With straight arms, pull arms down to thighs, lifting up strongly - body moves as a unit, balanced on toes for a brief second, than fall back forward into plank position. Alternate each lift with a look to the right and than to left. Inhale on the lift. This is a hard exercise to teach, but once you get it, its a great neck/shoulder stretch. You may travel with this one, not a problem, advanced can practice with legs off floor.

*Push Ups - Continue in Plank postion with good form, bring noodle under shoulders, withelbows close to ribs, bend & extend - inhale rise, exhale push, using abs to push air from belly. This also can be done floating. You can vary stance.

I'll try to add more as time permits. Any questions, please feel free to contact me ;-) Om Shanti

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