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Combo A (Funky) Low Impact

(16 counts or can do 2 times for 32)

Combo B (Funky) Low Impact

(8 counts or repeat)

Combo C (Funky) Low Impact

Combo D Low Impact

Combo E (Low Impact)

Triplets: The best I can explain if you don't want to visit the site above is this--it is 3 steps to 2 counts of music so it is quick. Start marching march right/left/right then left/right/left. Now when you have the beat it is right knee raised/left/right knee raised. Reverse left knee raised/right/left knee raised. Then you can add little hops with it as you are exchanging weight between the feet. (Doesn't it remind you of ponying?) Turned out triplets are just turning to the sides as you do the triplets.

(16 counts)

Combo F (Low Impact)

Quick Heel hops: Imagine you are in a car and putting on the brakes. Your toe is up and your heel on the floor. You strike your right heel downward (don't pound it!) and as you bring it back you hop to get your left heel going forward (like a Russian dancer but not squatted down Hey!) Each Heel strike is 1 count. Get funky with it by bouncing with the heel strikes!

(16 counts)

Combo G (Low Impact)

(16 counts)

Hope you enjoy the moves :)

Debi J

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