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This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14790)

Hi Everyone! I would like to thank you all for your great conributions, and mostly, I would like to that whomever operates this lovely website!

Here are some ab moves that incorporate the lower abs nicely.

All are done laying flat on your back on a mat.

Reverse curl: feet off the floor, legs bent at 90*, hands on floor by hips, lower back pressed to floor. Lift hipbones off floor, trying to control the rise and fall without jerking, small range of motion. It's a lift, not a roll.
Sequence I like: Two sets of 8 each. Reverse Curl. Upperbody frontal ab curl, feet at corners of mat, knees up. Then combine the two.

Reverse curl with body bar: place body bar behind knees, bending them tightly to hold bar, move as described for reverse curl.
Sequence: 2X8@. Reverse curls with bar. Extend hands above bar, upper ab curls, reaching over bar. Extend hands below bar, upper ab curls.

Stair walking: extend legs up to ceiling, hands on floor by hips, to stabilize. Alternately extend one leg up, ankle flexed (bent), as you lift the hipbone on that side off the floor. Other knee slightly bends as you ground (not grind!) the hip to the floor. Be careful not to rock side-to-side; the idea is to lift the hip straight up.
Sequence: stair walking, no hands. Feet straight up hands near ears, elbows out upper ab curls, hips stay on floor. Twisting sit ups with feet up, alternating touching your ear, then touching your shoe. Add the stair walking, touching the shoe of the lower leg as the other foot extends to the sky.

Reverse curl with ball between feet, hands on floor by hips.
Sequence: ball reverse curls. Ball twists (laying on your back, feet to sky, lower back flat to floor, legs extended and off floor, laces to ceiling. Correct leg heighth is determined by how low you can go before lower back arches. Roll ball until one leg is on top, other on bottom, laces to sky. Bottom leg is more extended than top, hold, then roll to other side. Repeat. Hold, hands go to ears for upper body curl as you lift legs a few inches (still twisted, one leg on top), using lower abs. Don't lift the legs without the upper body raising as well, or your lower back with arch up unsafely. This one is tough, so do one set, then switch.

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