Hip Hell

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Hi Everyone! I would like to thank you all for your great conributions, and mostly, I would like to that whomever operates this lovely website!

I try to do a painful hip routine three times a week, as I am blessed with a generous lower body.

Grab a band (not a tube). Place your feet a few inches apart, tie it just above the ankles in a bow (so you can easily untie it), and, make sure the band is laying flat, not bunched up.

The following moves are based on the step touch. I do two sets of 8 counts per movement, and insert an 8 of step touch in between the other sets, during which students can go small and easy if need be, or big and wide, if they like. Don't let on, but when you see their hands on their hips, they're toast!

Round One (Foot On Floor)

1. Step touch (abductors)
2. Low heel digs, to the corners (hip flexors, outer quads) "step, heel"
3. Curtsy lunges, shallow (step across to the back small, weight on the front leg) (glutes, outer quads on step out)
Curtsy lunges deep (lean forwardcccc at hip, extend leg back to the corner further, weight moves back, centering over both legs in lunge, then pushing forward) (glutes)
Lunges (hips are forward, leg extends straight back, straightening knee some, heel pressing toward floor as if to calf stretch) (glutes)
Change to step-rap lunges to corner. Move one foot back, like a calf stretch again, same knees and heel, now turn the hips and upper body to face the corner (2 and 10) Keep back straight, not leaning forward at hip, shift weigt back, centering above legs. (glutes) I feel this one more than the last, it needs more cueing and correction, though.

Round Two (Bent Knee Raises)

Keep 'em low, or band will roll.

2. Side (make sure students are abducting, not lifting to the front again.)
3. Across front (inner thigh)

Round Three (Straight Leg Raises)

1. Front
2. Side
3. Back
OR Back Corner (same side as leg)

I have presented these moves in a few variations. Try doing 8 of each move on one leg ("Step, touch, step, lift"). Or, pyramid a round by doing the first verion (step move, step move), then the second (one leg) then repeat doing 8 moves in a row while standing on one leg. You can also turn them into a little set like this (step, heel, step lunge) inserting any of the various moves. That may be enough for the first day, but here is more....my seasoned class does some of this next:

Step touch double (two to the right, then back)
Add a squat on one, three.
Add a hop, lifting the knees, bring feet together, same 4 count.
Plant left, step out to a squat, then in a little and high with the right, other side.

Walk up (and back) for four,
Walk deep and low (focus on long steps forward) side tap or lift,

March wide
Walk wide up for four
Walk wide front heel or raise

Bored with counting and structure?
Walk in a circle around the room, and do all the same moves. Don't forget to change direction.

Feel free to write...

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