Kickbox Cardio-bursts

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Sometimes in between kicking and punching moves, I like to add spontaneous and fun cardio-moves as fillers. These are some of my favorites:

Circle agility: Make the class form a giant circle around the gym, and make sure they keep moving (boxer's shuffle, jog in place, etc.). I stand in the middle of the circle and keep moving as well. Then I call out directions. When I say "RIGHT" the class shuffles sideways to the right (always facing the center of the circle). When I say "LEFT" the class shuffles to the left. I make the changes spontaneous and call them out at random times, and sometimes call out the same direction two or three times in a row. The class will get confused, shuffle into one another, and laugh. They like this break from standard formation.

Line agility: Have the class form two parallel lines down the center of the gym, facing one another. Everyone must keep moving--jog in place, boxer's shuffle, with the hands up guarding the upper body. The two participants at the left end of the line move into the center (facing one another) and shuffle sideways in between the two lines all the way down to the other end (keep those hands up). All the other participants move down, and the next two enter the center and shuffle down between the lines. There should be continuous movement. They like this!

Chicken: I actually learned this move while taking a kickboxing class from a French instructor at a gym in Paris, France. Near the end of the work out, have participants squat down real low to the ground, and walk around the gym in random directions. You can even have them flap their arms like chickens if you really want them to feel silly. :) They laugh, but you can really feel this in your legs! The lower to the ground, the better! :)

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