Hot to Trot

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Thanks for all the replies to my first choreo post! :) Thought I would add the latest class/combos (self-reversing and mostly tapless):

Combo 1 (32 counts)

* V-swoop: regular V-step (1-4), then mambo cha cha on the floor (switches lead) (5-8)

** 1/2 Knees around the world: knee straddle / knee off the front - be sure to TURN your body around after you knee-off, like you were continuing around the world)

Combo 2 (32 counts)

* Knee off the end / grapevine: right leg steps on bench (1), left knee up (2), left leg steps on floor (3), right leg crosses behind left - here's the grapevine, moving left away from the bench (4), left leg steps on floor (5), right leg ham curl (6), right leg steps sideways toward the right towards the bench (7), left leg steps in (8)

Combo 3 (32 counts)

(this combo switches lead on the "back" of the bench, where you start the two knee repeater for the other lead)

Combo 4 (32 counts)

* Turning L-step: right leg steps on bench (1), left knee up (2), left leg steps down (3), right leg steps down (turn towards the step) (4), left leg steps on bench (5), right knee up (6), right leg steps back off bench (7), left leg steps down (8) - then turn to the side to lunge over the top

Combo 5 (32 counts)

* Hopscotch: basically three hamstrings on top then step down, but I usually have them turn on the third hamstring and step down and face the rear. Breakdown: right leg steps on bench (1), left ham curl (2), left leg steps on top (3), right ham curl (4), right leg steps on top (5), left ham curl - this is where you can hop turn to the back (6), left leg steps down on floor (now facing rear of room) (7), right leg steps down (8). This leads into the left leg stepping up, right leg kicking to the corner.

Any questions, just email me! :)

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From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
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